3J Partners acts as a financial advisor for its clients when obtaining/acquiring equity or debt financing. Our typical clients for financing advisory are growth companies and company acquirors. A successful financing requires expertise and good investor relations.

Our experienced team and good relations to private equity investors, institutional investors, private investors, banks and special credit institutions enable a successful financing for our clients. Every financing deal is a tailor-made service to fit our client’s needs.

The added value we create to the seller in a sell-side transaction:

  • We look to maximize the well-being of the owners and the goal of our financing advisory is to help our customer obtain financing with the best possible term
  • Our financing advisory services include but are not limited to; analysis of our client’s industry, competitors, business model and financial statements, valuation, development of financing memorandum, contacting potential investors, organizing financing presentations and financial advising in the structure of the transaction, deal negotiations and contracts

High-quality financing memorandum is a key for an optimal capital structure with reasonable terms. When obtaining financing, both equity and debt instruments are utilized as well as their combinations, such as issue of shares, capital loan, convertible bonds, bank loan and loan warranties?

3J Partners has executed over 100 transactions since 2008. Our best reference are the happy clients who have been very pleased by our comprehensive and thorough execution of the transactions.

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