3J Partners acts as an independent financial expert in company valuations. In M&A valuations, our clients are typically company’s owners, management and board of directors.

Our valuation services provide our clients with an external, independent opinion on the value of a company. Every valuation is a tailor-made service to fit our client’s needs.

The added value we create to the client in company valuation:

  • We look to maximize the well-being of the owners and the goal of our valuation service is to deliver a reliable valuation report to support our client’s decision-making.
  • Our valuation services include but are not limited to; analysis of the target’s business model, strategy, current and future position, industry analysis, mapping of company related risks, analysis of required rate of return and financial statements, financial modeling and valuation scenarios
  • Several valuation methods are used. For example, analyses consist of cash flow- based models (DCF), relative valuation methods (market comparables) and EVA- based (Economic Value Added) models (RIM)
  • For investors and company acquirors, we observe the value of a company using LBO- model in order to account for the structure and financing of the deal

Valuation plays a significant role in decision-making. High-quality and reliable valuations are based on utilizing previous valuation experience and thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the target’s business and valuation theory.

3J Partners has executed over 100 transactions since 2008. Our best reference are the happy clients who have been very pleased by our comprehensive and thorough execution of the transactions.

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