Veke’s majority to Sentica

3J Partners advised owners of Veke


Sale of Kyrön Sähkö Oy to Instalco

3J Partners acted as advisor to the sellers


Clausion acquired Tabella Finland Oy

3J Partners acted as advisor to the sellers


Assemblin acquired KK-Kylmäpalvelu Oy

3J Partners has advised the owners of KK-Kylmäpalvelu Oy


Corporate finance services

We care. Our roots are in family entrepreneurship and families are the most important thing for us. We function as a team and take care of our employees. We offer high-quality corporate finance services to our clients while honoring the highest ethical principles. We see our opponents as colleagues. We emphasize trust, open/honest dissemination of information and mutual problem solving in our transactions. Our goal is to create growth and sustainability to the society by mergers and acquisitions.

Sale of a company/divestment

We act as the financial advisor for the owners (of the company) throughout the entire process of the sale/selling the company. Our clients are company owners/entrepreneurs, private equity investors, industrial companies and public sector.

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Acquisition of a company

We execute a company’s or private equity investor’s strategic choices by acting as a financial advisor in acquisition projects. We support and challenge the management’s decision-making from planning to execution.

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Financing advisory

With our financing advisory services, we focus on helping our clients to obtain/acquire equity and debt financing. Typically, we help companies to receive financing for investments and acquisitions.

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We are an independent expert in company valuations and market analyses. Our typical clients are private equity investors, company owners, company management and board of directors.

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