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An acquisition or exit is a significant milestone, and navigating the complexities can feel overwhelming. We support you in every step of the way.

Independent valuation: We ensure your business receives a fair and accurate valuation, reflecting its true value.

Strategic Marketing: We highlight your company’s unique strengths to attract the right buyers and generate competitive bids.

Efficient Communication: We manage communication and collaboration with all stakeholders, including shareholders, directors and board members throughout the process.

Negotiation Expertise: Our skilled professionals ensure you secure the optimal deal structure and terms.

Confidence and Peace of Mind: With our experienced guidance, you can focus on running your business.

Your transaction, our priority. We secure the best price and terms for your deal

Traditional Acquisitions and Exits: We guide you through acquisitions and exits by established businesses, strategic investors, and management buyouts.

Private Equity Investment: We connect you with minority and majority investors, including private equity firms, international venture capitals, and institutional investors. We also support buy-and-build strategies for growth.

Industry Consolidation: We facilitate mergers between multiple players within your industry, handling valuations, transaction structuring, joint business plans, ownership policies, and integration workshops.

Market Research and M&A Strategies: We conduct thorough market research and develop effective M&A strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Second- and Fairness Opinions: We provide independent assessments to ensure the terms of your transaction are fair and reasonable.


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Maximizing Value Through M&A: References

Elcoline Group buys SSG Sahala

3J Partners Oy acted as financial advisor to the buyer

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Sale of Imagon’s Swedish and Norwegian operations to BrandFactory

3J Partners Oy acted as financial advisor to the sellers

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Sale of LVI-Aitta to Quattro Mikenti Group

3J Partners Oy acted as financial advisor to the sellers

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Sale of LH Lift to JOST Werke SE

3J Partners acted as financial advisor to the sellers

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HL-Hydraulics buys Hydroline Service

3J Partners acted as financial advisor to the buyers

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Power Mining acquired by Nordisk Bergteknik

3J Partners acted as financial advisor to the sellers

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Veke’s majority to Sentica

3J Partners advised owners of Veke

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Sale of Kyrön Sähkö Oy to Instalco

3J Partners acted as advisor to the sellers

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3J corporate finance services

3J Partners prioritizes client success and fosters a collaborative internal culture. We leverage our family entrepreneurship heritage to deliver exceptional corporate finance services with the highest ethical standards.

We view all participants in the M&A process as partners, emphasizing transparency, information sharing, and collaborative problem-solving to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our M&A services are designed to drive sustainable growth for both our clients and the broader economy.

Sale of a company

We act as financial advisor for company owners throughout the selling process. This involves setting goals, identifying targets, and developing a transaction project plan. We also coordinate with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals with due diligence and other crucial aspects related to the transaction.

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Acquisition of a company

We help companies and private equity investors in acquisition projects by acting as a financial advisor, guiding the management’s decision-making from planning to execution. This involves valuating fair value of the target, planning optimal capital structure for the transaction and negotiating deal terms, price, and closing conditions.

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Financing advisory

Our financial advisory services help clients in securing financing for acquisitions through debt or equity offerings. We serve private equity minority and majority investments, international venture capital, institutional investors, buy & build strategies and management buy out arrangements.

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We provide independent evaluation for company valuations and market analyses. This involves calculating fair value of companies, industry research, financial modelling and second- & fairness opinions on deal arrangements.

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