Soudal acquired the operations of Joints L.R. Oy

3J Partners acted as advisor to the seller in a transaction, where Soudal N.V. acquired the operations of Joints L.R. Oy in order to continue the manufacturing and selling of high-quality products.

Joints started the co-operation with Soudal 30 years ago during which Joints has been a significant partner for Soudal in Finland as a distributor of Soudal’s products alongside its own Joints Industry brand.

Soudal is one of Europe’s most significant producers of silicone and other sealants, such as aerosols, PU- foams and glues. Today, the company founded by Vic Swerts in 1966 employs over 3 000 employees, of which 75 are focused on research and development. Soudal’s turnover is over € 850 million and it has distributors in over 65 countries.