Elcoline Group buys SSG Sahala

3J Partners Oy acted as financial advisor to the buyer Elcoline Group Oy, which specialises in industrial maintenance and installation project business, acquires industrial maintenance company SSG Sahala Oy. Varkausi-based SSG Sahala provides comprehensive maintenance, condition monitoring with remote monitoring technology as well as maintenance and installation projects for demanding industrial customers in Varkaus, Kouvola, Joensuu, Laukaa, Myllykoski, Mäntyharju and Oulu. As a result of the transaction, approximately 200 employees will transfer to Elcoline. The acquisition supports Elcoline Group’s strategy to grow into the leading industrial maintenance service company in the Nordic countries.

In the photo: Elcoline’s founder and board member Jouko Juvonen (left), SSG Sahala’s Chairman of the Board Jyrki Sahala, Elcoline’s founder and Chairman of the Board Jere Räisänen and Elcoline Group’s CEO Leif Backman.

“By joining forces, we can keep industrial operations running even smoother than before and ensure high customer satisfaction. SSG Sahala’s solid reputation and high-quality technical services brilliantly complement our current service selection. We look forward to the cooperation and shared journey of growth over the coming years. We will broaden our services for the industrial growth needs of the entire Finland and continue our expansion in Finland and Sweden”, says Elcoline Group’s CEO Leif Backman.

“The acquisition of SSG Sahala is a significant milestone in Elcoline’s growth strategy. It will support our long-term growth goals and create added value for our most important interest groups. In recent years, we have carried out numerous corporate acquisitions successfully, enabling our customers to access to a wider range of services. This deal, too, provides a wealth of opportunities to develop our business operations even further. We will continue to implement Elcoline’s growth strategy and seek growth both organically and through corporate acquisitions”, says Jere Räisänen, Chairman of the Board of Elcoline Group.

“Our company and staff will have an excellent new home at the strong and capable company Elcoline, which originates from Varkaus and is growing in the Nordics. I am convinced that Elcoline will foster SSG Sahala’s traditions of high-quality services, a customer-oriented approach and an entrepreneurial operating method”, says Jyrki Sahala, owner of SSG Sahala.

Elcoline Group

Founded in 2002, Elcoline is a Nordic growth company specializing in industrial technical services, whose customers include international industrial companies. Elcoline carries out installation projects and maintenance for steel, marine, energy, defense, chemical, industrial construction and mining customers in Finland and Sweden, as well as in service contract sites around the world. The company’s turnover is approximately EUR 75 million and it employs approximately 600 people.

SSG Sahala

SSG Sahala is an innovative and responsible industrial maintenance company serving customers in the nuclear, thermal, forest and process industries in Finland and the other Nordic countries. The company offers comprehensive maintenance, condition monitoring and extensive maintenance and installation projects and employs approximately 200 maintenance professionals in Varkaus, Kouvola, Joensuu, Laukaa, Myllykoski, Mäntyharju and Oulu. SSG Sahala’s turnover is approximately EUR 20 million.


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