Sale of Imagon’s Swedish and Norwegian operations to BrandFactory

3J Partners Oy acted as financial advisor to the sellers In an acquisition in which Imagon Oy, a Kajaani-based family-owned company specialising in illuminated signs, sold the company’s Swedish and Norwegian subsidiaries to the Swedish BrandFactory Scandinavia AB.

Founded in 1988, Imagon is known in the Nordic countries as a long-term and reliable partner in the illuminated advertising industry, offering its customers illuminated signs and signage as well as products and services related to the indoor and outdoor milieu of commercial and office premises.

In the transaction, Imagon Oy’s subsidiaries Imagon AB and Imagon AS and approximately 20 employees will be transferred to the buyer. Imagon Oy and BrandFactory Scandinavia AB also signed a cooperation agreement whereby Imagon will become a significant manufacturing partner for BrandFactory Scandinavia in the Swedish and Norwegian markets. In addition, Imagon and BrandFactory Scandinavia will combine their expertise and capacity to serve some customers also in the Finnish markets.

“We have aimed to find a long-term, financially stable partner who shares our vision for the future of the industry. We are convinced that collaborating with BrandFactory Scandinavia is the right way forward, and we are delighted to strengthen our service offerings in this partnership”, says Mikko Okkonen, CEO of Imagon Oy.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Imagon’s Swedish and Norwegian entities to BrandFactory Scandinavia. BrandFactory and Imagon’s operations in Sweden and Norway complement each other. Together, we can offer our customers a wider range of signage solutions and expanded capacity”, states Jakob Söderbaum, CEO of BrandFactory Scandinavia.


Founded in 1988, the family-owned company Imagon Oy is the leading sign and signage company in Finland and the Nordic countries with over 20 years of experience in LED technology, product development and project management, as well as in international markets. The company offers its customers products and services related to the indoor and outdoor milieu of commercial and office premises, such as large format prints and illuminated signs.

BrandFactory Scandinavia

BrandFactory Scandinavia is one of the leading visual communication companies in the Nordic countries. The company offers a wide range of products and services covering advertising products for both digital and print media. In addition to printing services, the company offers digital signature services, signage solutions, system support, profile products, online services, and illuminated sign storage and logistics services.


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