Sale of LVI-Aitta to Quattro Mikenti Group

3J Partners Oy acted as financial advisor to the sellers and as the main arranger when LVI-Aitta Oy was sold to the building services group Quattro Mikenti Group. Prior to the acquisition, LVI-Aitta’s ownership of Pelvi Oy shares was transferred to Pelvi’s management team. LVI-Aitta is known in Kainuu as a long-term and reliable contractor and maintenance partner. Founded in 1973 by Tauno Hälinen and Toivo Simanainen, LVI-Aitta is a well-established contractor and maintenance company in Kainuu. Ville Hälinen took over in the late 1990s, and the company is already seeing the third generation of the Hälinen family involved. The acquisition has no impact on personnel, as all employees will continue in their positions.

“Long-term commitment is important to us, and the decisive factor in joining QMG was the buyer’s operating model. QMG’s culture of emphasizing local business seemed like the best fit for us. We have also noted the good success of Kajaani-based Paikallis-Sähkö within the group”, says Ville Hälinen, CEO of LVI-Aitta.

“3J Partners’ work in this complex arrangement was invaluable. 3J’s professionalism and quality exceeded expectations at every stage of the process. We achieved the desired and targeted outcome after multi-phase negotiations. 3J’s persistent and solution-oriented approach produced the desired outcome for all parties.”, Hälinen continues.

CEO Ville Hälinen, Office Manager Paula Oittinen and Site Manager Mika Juntunen will become shareholders of QMG’s parent company Nimlas Group.


LVI-Aitta is a Kainuu based specialist in heating, water and air conditioning. The company offers its services to private consumers, real estate and housing companies, as well as private and public developers. LVI-Aitta’s turnover was EUR 7.1 million in 2022, and it employs a total of 40 people.

Quattro Mikenti Group

QMG – Quattro Mikenti Group – is a technical installations and services group that provides contracting and services for residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings in both new and renovation construction. The group consists of 45 local contracting and services companies throughout Finland and it employs more than 1,500 professionals. QMG’s pro forma turnover in 2023 was approximately EUR 270 million.