Sale of Kahipa Oy to Ahlsell Oy

3J Partners Oy acted as advisor to the seller in a corporate finance transaction, in which the owners of Kahipa Oy, Marjatta, Veikko and Ville Salminen sold 100% of the Company’s shares to Ahlsell Oy.

Kahipa Oy is an importer, manufacturer and retailer of fastening and other HVAC supplies for residential construction, main customers being companies in technical building services industry. Kahipa is a top company in its own segment and one of the leading providers in Finland.

The owners outsourced the process of selling Kahipa to 3J Partners. Ville Salminen says, that above all else, he was surprised by the difficulty and width of competitive tendering and how significant role financial advisory has in a successful corporate finance transaction.

The transaction started with valuation, setting a target price for the transaction and developing Information Memorandum. Salminen says, that the buyer candidates’ views of the transaction price exceeded the original targets, in which 3J’s expertise and high-quality Information Memorandum helped a lot.

In the competitive tendering process, three potential buyers stood out with their views of the transaction price along with other criteria set to the buyer. The greatest added value 3J provided us was during the deal negotiations. All three candidates had an internal M&A department and advisors, so thanks to 3J’s negotiation experience and skills, we were certainly able to negotiate better terms of sale.